Welcome to the world of Aunty Bronwyn!

Aunty Bronwyn’s reputation as a powerhouse of life knowledge precedes her. 

Her humour and almost vitriolic whit coupled with her grasp of humanity and her experiences all around the world allows for little to slip by unnoticed.

Her social commentating is beyond that of the public broadcasting on radio and television which is all filtered and sieved and biased. Her retort is never exaggerated nor hyped for effect it’s true, honest and direct as life should be.

About Aunty Bronwyn:

Aunty Bronwyn was born in the Rhondda Valley, South Wales. A small parochial village where everyone knows everyone else’s business, and are quick to judge on what they don’t know. The second eldest of eight children, Bronwyn was a precocious child.

She attended the local school where she was top of her class in cookery and biology. Her jam tarts were famous throughout the village. Then at 18, after breaking up with her childhood sweetheart, she swapped the village of her childhood for the bright lights of America, Hollywood in particular.


Whilst in America she did many things like mingling with the rich and famous as well as going off and travelling the world experiencing life from positions that others wouldn’t have a clue about. After living the high life she felt it was time to leave all the razzle and dazzle behind her and settle for something more sedate back in her home town. That’s not to say she has retired, far from it, always on the radio or television or giving interviews about life and aspects of it that most only read about but never experience.